Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Bratus Agency
Creative Director / Concept: Jimmi Tuan
Graphic Designer: TonBui
Visualizer: Oanh Ori
Account Manager: Hien Nguyen
Client: Nafoods Group
Location : Ho Chi Minh / VietNam

Juice Smile is the fruit concentrate domestic product owned by Nafoods Group, Vietnam leading brand in the field of production, packaging and distribution of vegetables. Juicesmile are extracted from 5 different fruits (passion fruit, red grape, pineapple, pomegranate, orange), which can be personalized into consumer’s favorite recipe, drink and flavor.

Start with the overall strategy, Bratus has positioned and highlight the JuiceSmile’s core value. The main concept “Nature’s perfection”, in combination with media message “Drink it your way”, is the inspiration to consumer who loves to be creative with their drink.

The design was then illustrated in watercolor bringing a pure, natural feeling to the product on the shelf. Meanwhile, Juice’s color reminds of the fruit’s color . The hand-drawing personalized the brand’s image among other products in the competitive market.

Packaging’s colors and images reflects the lively extracted juice from the pure ingredients, which is rich in vitamins, flavors and nutrition.