UEMIYA Cold Pressed Juice

Derrick Lin


Art Director、Design、Illustration: Nio Ni
Wall Mural: Bluestunnel
Client: 植美家 UEMIYA
Photography: Maxi Ho, Nio Ni, Bluestunnel
Project Type: Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Cold Pressed Juice
Location: Taipei, Taiwan

The birth of the plant is derived from the natural agriculture and natural diet of the enthusiasm, followed by the natural growth of fruits and vegetables that contains the energy of heaven and earth, through this energy, we maintain the balance of the body.

After planning and working with Bedenin diet as the main axis of the bed and breakfast, the importance of the body to clean up and detox with the diet to have a deeper understanding.

We are committed to the development of healthy and rich diet, and by a clean and energetic diet to purify the body and start the body’s perfect self-healing power.