Holiday 2017 – Prettiest Perfume Packaging

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Marc Jacobs’ Daisy, Thierry Mugler’s Angel, Viktor & Rolf’s Bon Bon: What do these three fragrances have in common? They’re housed in some of the most iconic perfume vessels around. Those vessels must be packaged in boxes that catch the eye of the consumer in a way that stands out from the rest in a competitive department store landscape.

This holiday season, the top fragrance brands implement all things dainty and eye-catching — delicate bows, ornate gold leafing and ample glass and crystal — so their packages stand out online and in department stores.

1. Alexander McQueen: Parfum for Her

Is it any surprise that rule-breaking fashion house Alexander McQueen created perfume packaging that’s equally as avant-garde? Parfum for Her is made from the precious essence of three night-blooming flowers — jasmine, tuberose and ylang ylang — hence the box’s dark, floral aesthetic. This mini work of art offers a timeless shape, but the bottle is finished with gold feathers crowning the bottle and a bedazzled cap for a little bit of pop.

2. BVLGARI: Le Gemme Imperiali Irina Eau de Parfum

BVLGARI Irina is inspired by pure white jade. This stone signifies purity, peace and femininity, and is often given as a gift to honor true friendship.

This warm, earthy scent is packaged in a box equally as pure and inspiring. The bottle features a vase-inspired silhouette with a tapering design and is finished with a pure blue top and gold accents for some extra style, while the box features a gorgeous gold and black design with elegant swirl texture. Other fragrances from Le Gemme collection follow the same design convention, but feature green, pink and purple motifs instead.

3. HERMÈS: Twilly d’HERMÈS Eau de Parfum

The super-colorful box on this HERMÈS fragrance is a great example of how perfume-makers are leveraging vibrant colors to catch the attention of shoppers. It features a bold, neon-colored stripe design to mimic the fragrance’s bright and refreshing scent.

Did we mention that this year is all about the bow? HERMÈS sets the trend with this pretty little bottle featuring a playful, hand-tied silk ribbon bow and a topper that looks like the designer’s iconic bowler hat. The bottle itself is meant to look like a carriage lantern, adding to the packaging’s vintage aesthetic.

4. Valentino: Donna Fragrance

Valentino describes Donna as the fragrance for “the independent person capable of sudden passion and unexpected shyness.” All of this is encapsulated in Donna’s delightfully feminine pink box. The simple, minimally adorned box is safe and expected, while the bottle within brings sudden passion.

The tastefully designed yet bold and pleasant perfume bottle features a quilted, crystal motif in a pink and white two-tone design. This unique effect was achieved by hand-cutting prisms that resemble studs. Gold accents are carried from the front of the bottle’s branding to the top cap for a super-luxurious feel. This fragrance bottle reflects the designer’s signature feminine glamour.

5. Lancôme: La Vie Est Belle Eau De Parfum

Life is beautiful, indeed. Lancôme La Vie Est Belle features the brand’s signature “sourire de cristal” (crystal smile), which was created in 1949 by Lancôme Artistic Director Georges Delhomme. It takes on a whole new meaning with La Vie Est Belle! This version took a year and 23 trials by master glass-blowers to achieve the circular-meets-square design. La Vie Est Belle is also finished with a gray organize ribbon, which symbolizes the twin wings of freedom. The exquisite gift box matches the royal, luxurious feel of the bottle itself with a bright pink motif that celebrates the holidays.

The fragrance itself is not unlike the packaging. It’s sweet yet earthy, with iris, patchouli and gourmand.

6. Lanvin: Éclat d’Arpège Eau de Parfum Spray

Lanvin unveiled Éclat d’Arpège in an attempt to introduce its signature fragrances to a younger generation, so it’s no surprise that the packaging is a twist on an all-time classic. The bottle’s spherical, purple design is emblazoned with the same gold mother and child insignia from the classic Arpège perfume, but features a lavender background instead of the classic black found on the original.

But what makes this one so special is its unique, transparent box that puts the bottle on full display. The unique packaging was designed by Lanvin Creative Director Alber Elbaz. The bottle is especially unexpected because it features no official Lanvin branding anywhere on the vessel.

7. Marc Jacobs: Decadence Eau so Decadent Eau de Toilette

Unexpectedly woody and sensual, Marc Jacobs Decadence is meant to “embody the spirit of irreverent glamour,” according to the brand. Its packaging is meant to convey what it’s like to buy a real Marc Jacobs handbag, with a miniature box not unlike the one that houses the designer’s iconic bags.

The bottle itself was inspired by the iconic Marc Jacobs handbag of the same style, featuring a functional design that brings new meaning to tossing perfume in your bag! The magnetic cap, brought to life by a deep green python print, allows the bottle to open just like a real purse, while the gold chain makes it fun to carry. Its decadence is completed with a bold black-and-gold tassel that hangs from the chain.

8. YSL: Mon Paris Eau de Parfum

YSL Mon Paris was inspired in scent and packaging by the city of intense love, and is done from cap to bottom in the classic hues of Paris. The light pink and black motif is finished with the fashion house’s signature logo in bold black.

The multi-faceted glass flacon perfectly showcases the light pink liquid within. But the focal point of this pretty packaging is without a doubt the blousy top bow on the bottle. Designer Catherine Krunas said she modeled the bow after archive sketches of lavallières.

9. Valentino: Valentina Pink Eau de Parfum

When you look at the bottle for Valentina Pink, you don’t have to wonder what kind of fragrance is inside. The rosy box and bottle is representative not only of the sensual, romantic rose, but also the rebellious strawberry: the two aggressively feminine notes that make Valentina Pink what it is. Valentino designers wanted to convey the brand’s love for all things punk-romantic with Valentina Pink. The box features a linen-like finish for a luxurious feel.

10. Miu Miu: L’Eau Bleue Eau de Parfum

There’s no pink, rhinestones or silk bows on Miu Miu L’Eau Bleue, but this statement-making packaging is no less pretty. The fresh, joyful fragrance is housed within a crisp, quilted blue box to match the faceted bottle and is topped off with a pastel yellow topper that’s symbolic of radiance. L’Eau Bleue is a play on the first fragrance by the powerhouse brand, Miu Miu Eau de Parfum, and features the same signature blue bottle with a transparent twist.

Now that you’ve been inspired by the season’s most innovative fragrance packaging, your own version of this prettified packaging can be achieved with a little help from an industrial glue gun, fearless design and a little bit of creativity.

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