Grönstedts Le National ’17

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Creative Agency: NINE Stockholm
Creative Director: Isabelle D. Lidström
Client Director: Sebastian Tarkowski
Designer: Lachlan Bullock
Production Manager: Asmira Mahalbasic
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Limited edition cognac
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Every June, when the magical midsummer nights take hold of Sweden, Grönstedts release only 1,500 numbered bottles of their annual limited edition cognac. Le National is a rare bespoke experience that is never repeated, and the challenge is to continually capture the essence of product as it evolves each year, through packaging design down to the product itself.

The design solution to this challenge is through an innovative sensorial unboxing experience built up upon anticipation and wonder. Using the artistry of surrealism and poetry, the complex values of the cognac are lifted through the illustrated epicurean in her grandeur and grace, where the feeling of flavour becomes an emotion.

A locally minted brass coin contrasts the raw carton and hints at the shimmer of the night and the glamour of the stars hidden inside. It’s a tribute to the art of seduction and the moments that carve milestones in our lives.