Creative Agency: MAROG Creative Agency
Art Director: Varduhi Antonyan
Illustrators: Varduhi Antonyan, Narine Avanesyan
Graphic Designer: Narine Avanesyan
Copywriter: Alla Ivanyan
Photographer: Emin Baghajyan
Project Type: Concept
Location: Yerevan, Armenia
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing

The brand concept of MAMOOR restaurant located in Yerevan, Armenia is inspired by the mystical spirit of dense and virgin forests. It stands to reason that in mysterious forests one can discover and witness new things for the first time never knowing what is around the corner.

The creative team has developed the brand identity of the restaurant having this picture of a vast, green woodland mixed with a mystical air. A greenish mood is created to enhance people’s dining experience in a special and cozy ambiance. The freshness of the design and the chosen colors seem to hit all five senses and pass on the feel of mystery of MAMOOR.

Why MAMOOR? It is an Armenian word meaning “moss”․ Mamoor, as a soft green plant that grows in a layer on wet ground, rocks, or trees is associated with forests and transmits the special energy typical of a woodland.

The brand name was daring for a restaurant, however the team was conscious about the possible risks and created a comprehensive communication umbrella that made the brand distinctive and strong among its competitors.

Art Nouveau style is the main visual inspiration for creation of the visual brand identity. The logo features a mysterious girl, that embodies the spirit of the virgin deep forest. The forest is so dense, that it naturally shuts out all external noises and enables this mystic girl be herself and express herself. This mood is created for people to feel at their ease at the restaurant and enjoy every moment of their stay. Other visual brand elements of the logo are a stylized tree and its branches which also convey the desired mood.

The same style and spirit are applied for the creation of all the brand items. Moreover, some special characters are designed to liven up the entire visual identity.

Some creative concepts were developed for special chocolate boxes, for а label of pine liqueur bottle and for an unusual matchbox with natural matches to be showcased and sold at MAMOOR restaurant gift shop. The design of the boxes is based on a wood texture of a tree. The illustrations of ornaments resembling tree branches and the green color transmit the spirit of the mysterious forest. On the label of pine liqueur bottle a mysterious girl and a deer in an immense forest are illustrated and a green phoenix with open wings is depicted on the matchbox.

To conclude, everything is created to ensure unique atmosphere for the visitors to take a piece of forest mood with them and create an emotional bond with the brand.

What’s Unique?
The chocolate boxes have a unique shape. They are designed with original illustrations.