Creative Agency: MILK Branding Professionals
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Natural Food Supplements
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

MILK BRANDING PROFESSIONALS, a top-of-the range branding agency located in Athens, Greece was tasked with the challenge to conduct a major rebranding study in order to reshape SUPERFOODS brand and maximise its potential to grow in the Greek market and expand internationally.

SUPERFOODS® is a food supplements brand that concentrates natural sources -widely known as superfoods- rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals and other valuable and of high nutritional value ingredients, to provide better quality of life, promote well-being and even address health issues complementary to other routines (i.e. drugs, special diet etc), to help people reach their aspirations.

“This was much more than just a re-branding exercise. During our work we had the chance to revisit every key aspect of the brand and make all necessary amendments and additions in order to develop a renewed, clear and compelling SUPERFOODS brand”.

The agency set new rules for the brand’s architecture, reengineered the brand proposition, selected the relevant archetypes, came with a new brand story, designed a new sharp visual and verbal identity and developed an extensive nomenclature system, to help the brand re-introduce itself to the public and unleash its true power.

The new packaging design of SUPERFOODS exploits all the brand’s core assets to maximize its potential to grow in the international markets. The new visual identity system along with an improved brand architecture model and an efficient nomenclature system were all utilized in this development process.

The rebranding of SUPERFOODS was soon recognized by the whole category as one of the most coherent brand studies that have been ever conducted in the Greek pharmaceuticals and food supplements sector. The impact of the new packs on the pharmacies’ shelves has been enormous.

What’s Unique?
The core elements of the brand -exploration, discovery, transformation and release of natural power – can be easily traced on the new packaging, while the two product ranges – the “ingredient based” and the “benefit driven” – are adequately distinguished without moving away from the branded house approach. The RAYS is a core visual element of the brand. It depicts the ability of SUPERFOODS® to transform natural ingredients into potent highly effective food supplements and improve humans’ life through unleashing their natural power.

The DROP is another core visual element of the brand. It depicts the ability of SUPERFOODS® to extract nature’s best and concentrate it into potent doses. The uniqueness of the specific brand packaging identity is that it manages through its fresh and minimal design to attract the end user as it shows “nature” in its best depiction while it very effectively manages to welcome the end user as it is very friendly and direct in the way it provides all necessary information. Clear and to the point, colourful and happy! The new compelling looks of the SUPERFOODS brand unleashes the power within.