Agrino Legumes

With a history that starts in 1955, Agrino has become a beloved and leading Greek company in rice and legumes, known for its offering in products of high quality and nutritional value and its dedication to Greek agricultural producers. As part of its continuous development, the brand had to renew the packaging of its legumes series and promote their functional and emotional benefits and characteristics: dietary, healthy, locally produced products.

‍The deeper goal of the branding and design of the visual identity of the packaging was to build a lasting relationship with consumers. A new design for the “Product of Greek Producer” stamp was made, for consumers to distinguish which product comes from the Greek land. The writing of the producer’s name and the area of the product’s origin on the packaging is a worldwide innovation.

‍MILK Branding Professionals designed the packaging with enough ‘transparency’, to clearly showcase the legumes themselves. Combined with the craft paper, the packaging gives a perfect quality result, and the colors emit the required vibrancy.

‍Design elements such as the leaf and the string, the earthy colors and the friendly typography, achieve a more natural, effortless, simple and approachable image.

‍To change the perception about legumes and help Agrino enter the kitchen of a younger audience, the agency ‘redefined’ legumes by signing each one of the packaging with the phrase ‘We eat legumes’, that has a movement-like character and calls to an action. This is the central Agrino legumes message. Along with the back of the packaging, which was designed to attract the consumer to read it, to find recipes and tips, it builds the brand’s narrative for a motivational, more-than-functional era of legume consuming.


Design Director: Andy Papadakis
Brand Strategy: Giorgos Anastasiadis
Creative Strategy & Copywriting: Elisavet Katounta
Account Director: Eirini Patsi