Mastiqua Sparkling Water

Mastiqua is a sparkling drink full of freshness and sea landscapes of the Greek imagery. A unique product made of the precious ‘tear’ of the mastiha tree that only grows in Chios.

‍The Mastiqua brand mosaic has been created in resemblance of the water, the Greek sea and Greek ancient design. Resembling the waves, it transfuses a sense of purification, lightness, freedom, coolness, cleanliness – values that lie at the brand’s core.

‍The strategy and identity MILK Branding Professionals put together positioned the brand in a category of its own, giving flavored water an enjoyable, stylish, full character, with rich Mediterranean heritage.

‍Mastiha is a very precious natural material, with significant digestive qualities and a renowned history of being cherished for its unique properties since ancient times. These facts lead us to the Mastiqua name (mastiha + aqua, water) and the brand communication language and brand literature.

‍The success of the brand has been immediate, overachieving sales targets in main markets and expanding in the US.


Design Derictor: Leonie Yagdjoglou
Brand Strategy: Giorgos Anastasiadis
Creative Strategy: Elisavet Katounta
Concepts Ltd.