PARVEGANO is a plant-based delicious topping that is made out of nature’s tasty superfoods, to be a part of our daily healthy nutrition.

At MILK Branding Professionals, we took on the creation of a totally new plant-based brand, carefully building the brand’s visual and verbal world to be able to communicate that PARVEGANO is made from nature’s super foods and is good for our planet, our taste, our own selves.

The brand’s identity and packaging is characterized by a calm and cheerful simplicity, with an artisanal, Italian gourmet character that speaks to all conscious, positive and happy people looking for tasty, sustainable, healthy choices.

The verbal identity, which is built on the communication platform of “Conscious. Delicious. Nutritious” and “Good is not over. It’s all over.”, helps PARVEGANO to address its positioning and vision to a wider audience that wishes for more than organic, vegan or plant-based products.

A brand that takes the umami taste to a whole new aspiring level.