In strange times, opportunities for creativity arise!

Suddenly, in the year 2020, the world was forced to a full stop. The global quarantine made us pause and ponder: What comes next? How much flavor do we put in our life?

During quarantine, Sofoklis Panagiotou, the Septem Microbrewery producer and owner, driven by these questions in mind, crafted a special edition of New England IPA Beer, the Quaranta Giorni (quaranta=40, as in quarantine, and giorni=days).

MILK Branding Professionals chose to brand this inspired beer with ‘Dr. Beak’, the plague doctor mask, worn by physicians in the 17th century Europe. The bird-like mask had this beak, filled with strong smelling substances (spices and herbs), because it was then believed that this disease was airborne.

This image, as a reminiscent of the quarantine of the 17th century and the similarity of strangeness it had to our modern quarantined world, acts as a symbol: it makes us think of the next day and urges us to a toast that our new, better, more creative self deserves.