Mastiqua is a sparkling drink made with mastiha, the precious nature’s ‘tears’ that only grow on trees in the Greek island of Chios. MILK Branding Professionals developed the identity of its new exciting flavors.

‍Mastiqua Lemonada combines the gem-like, mastiha tree tears with a handful of luscious Greek lemons, straight from the orchard. The lemonade mosaic has been designed in reference to the motherbrand’s mosaic and is a vital element of the product. Brightness, sunshine, happiness and daylight freshness smoothly depicted through a stylishly lively design.

‍Mastiqua Sour Cherry combines the precious mastiha tree tears with the snappiness of hand-picked sour cherries. The tiles of the mosaic have been rearranged to create a bunch of sour cherries, in purple color, resulting in a very distinctive and recognizable pattern, directly related to the product and in reference to the motherbrand. Designed to look fresh, nostalgic and vibrant.

‍Mastiqua Green Tea is a lusty and heavenly sparkling drink, the fusion of ancient mysticism with mastiha tree tears, boosted with green tea. The green mosaic, with the tiles creating a luscious arrangement of leaves brings naturalness, freshness and rejuvenation.


Head of Design:: Leonie Yagdjoglou
Account Director:: Christina Georgiou
Creative Copywriter: Nena Liberopoulou
Concepts Ltd.