Creative Agency: Wrigley Global Design Studio
Global Studio Manager: Chris Cunningham
Art Director: Eddy Ymeri
Lead Industrial Designer: Will Tham, John Hall
Industrial Designer: Mike Ciccarello
Principal Designer: Paul Angeloni
Project Type: Concept
Location: Chicago
Packaging Contents: Deoderant
Packaging Substrate / Materials: CNC-machined 400-series stainless steel
Printing Process: Digital printing, embossing

When our studio set out to create a concept for Dieline, we developed the following core principles to guide our development. Use design to improve the lives of consumers everywhere. Deliver solutions responsibly in a mutually beneficial way for everyone involved and for the planet. Focus on opportunities spaces that are ripe for system thinking and experiential design. Leverage all the tools in our studios tool box. And finally, to make sure everyone was engaged and passionate about developing the solution.

As we researched opportunity spaces, the health and beauty category quickly came into focus as fertile ground to apply our design principles and create relevant experiences for consumers. Currently, category consumers are inundated with conversations that talk at them rather than asking what they would like to hear. Category leaders then justify these solutions with big brands that deliver on the internal profit but fall short to deliver a truly individual consumer experience. This leaves consumers confused, disengaged, and disappointed which often forces them to settle for the best price and a close enough fit. Instead, our studio set out to create a solution that listens rather than talks, in hope that we can provide a health and beauty experience consumers can truly be passionate about.

Introducing, Covered©. A 100% human driven alternative that addresses the common struggle we all endure, perspiration. This comprehensive system aims to challenge the status quo by offering consumers a straightforward and engaging conversation around sweat prevention and protection while striving to reduce our ecological footprint in the health and beauty category.

To begin the journey, the consumer engages in a conversation around perspiration with a Covered© team member. During this dialogue, the user is asked to describe their experiences with perspiration. With this information, the team is then able to tailor a unique deodorant solution specific to the user that addresses their personal needs. During the discussion, the user is asked about the types of products they own and admire. With these inputs, a Covered© team member helps the consumer choose from one of our three reusable applicators that they will use when applying their deodorant. Upon completion of this process, the Covered© team will create a personalized welcome package that ships directly to the user, welcoming them to the Covered© family.

Inside each welcome gift box, the user will find their choice of applicator sitting proudly and awaiting their use. Adjacent to the applicator, on the inside cover, is a custom letter thanking and welcoming the user to the Covered© community. After the top tray is removed, the user is then presented with their 100% human deodorant solutions that were tailored for them, by them during their Covered© team consultation.

The overall proportion and detailing of the gift box help reinforce the strong and distinct form language of the applicator. The gift box is detailed with a magnetic soft-touch closure mechanism, a high end environmentally friendly cassava-bagasse-based fabric wrap, emboss brand details and a water-based high gloss spot varnish Covered© brand-mark.

The design of the applicator takes careful consideration into both the male and female user and has been thoughtfully designed using key ergonomic dimensions that ensure universal ease of use and appeal. These proportions allow for the best application of product to the body, while comfortably nestling into the palm of anyone’s hand. The minimal nature of the design builds on functional product cues that are universal and uniquely 100% human.

Each applicator, is offered in CNC-machined 400-series stainless steel, brushed T6 aircraft-grade billet aluminum and cast ASTM C373-certified porcelain ceramic. The glass window near the top delivers a bold color break allowing the deodorant cartridge to shine through. This also provides visibility to the amount of deodorant left allowing the user to reorder before they run out of product. Each material has been carefully curated based on its ability to be reused, patina and gain character over the duration of ownership. Enabling the solution to be passed down from generation to generation.

The applicator mechanism has been developed to allow the user to advance one dosage at the time. The patent pending self-limiting, auto-ratcheting mechanism functions as a single stage mechanical advance. When the bottom of the applicator is pressed downward, the deodorant is ratcheted up with a subtle audible sound reinforced with tactile a click when ready to be applied.

The cartridges have an embossed pattern that reflect the distinct assets of the fragrance. Opportunity is designed to protect against odor causing bacteria in apocrine perspiration. This perspiration happens when you are exhibiting signs of nervousness or stress. Victory is developed to protect against eccrine perspiration. This perspiration manifests when your body temperature rises. While Ambition blends the best of worlds by providing the perfect blend to fight against both eccrine and apocrine perspiration.

The pack graphics illustrate how many single lines can create varying degrees of coverage that communicate a vibrant contrast to best represent the emotive product name. The colors for the different product connect on a foundation level with the emotive naming convention for the products. The yellow for Opportunity speaks to a calm soothing feeling removing any anxiety. The combination of orange and Victory focuses active quick reactions that facilitate dominate decision making. The blue in Ambition captures the ebb and flow and flow between both active and stressful situations to deliver a holistic solution.

With a micro-laser scored perforation the paper wrapper can easily and cleanly be torn off leaving a small area to securely grip the cartridge by. This allows for clean loading process of the stock applicator. Providing the user with simple experience that is 100% recyclable.

The website provides a completely new purchase dynamic for the user. On the home page we provide an introduction to the covered promise, understanding about perspiration, communication and a shared building experience users will be passionate about.

At its heart, Covered© is a multi-dimensional system designed to address the consumers desire for a straightforward conversation that delivers an engaging experience.

What’s Unique?
We have studied the journey all humans go through around perspiration and their relationship with deodorant. With average life expectancy in developed markets growing most users are expected to use a minimum of 260 different deodorant solutions during their lifetime. Most if not all of the current solutions are not recyclable contributing to the growing epidemic around waste management. With deep empathetic understanding for the user’s needs, a strong understanding of current market conditions, and solid manufacturing expertise we have created covered®.