Creative Agency: MILK Branding Professionals
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: ASTRID
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Men Care

Astrid is a traditional Czech cosmetics company operating in the broader skin care market.

Having as main business objective to grow its male brands and reposition them in order to make them more appealing to a broader and younger male audience, the company decided that it was about time to proceed with a full redesign of Diplomat brand, one of Astrid’s oldest and most famous brands.

MILK Branding Professionals was tasked with the challenge to successfully redesign this well-established and loved male brand.

A brand with a strong and prevailing positioning from its past and with quite loyal buyers belonging mainly to an older age group.

Main obstacle to overcome was the fact that Diplomat’s brand image seemed dated, static and somewhat forgotten and rather indifferent to the younger age group.

The new design respects the classic, traditional values of the brand, referring to its Czech heritage and timeless quality in order to trigger elements of nostalgia, while maintains its premium cues and solid masculine style (black color, D letter/for Diplomat) ensuring better alignment with contemporary and fresher design visual codes and enhancing sophistication and elegance.

What’s Unique?
MILK Branding Professionals refreshed and upgraded a traditional Czech male care brand.

A finely balanced new design identity that respects the brands heritage and timeless quality. It triggers elements of nostalgia while it renovates its image becoming more appealing.

The new enhanced packaging design ensures better alignment with the category’s visual codes. Premium, elegant and sophisticated, Diplomat brand is equipped with the ideal looks to fruitfully compete local and multinational brands, attract new users while retain its current ones.

Packaging before redesign