Chairman’s Reserve Rums

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Design: LINEA – The Spirit Valley Designers
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Saint Lucia Distillers
Location: Saint Lucia, Caribbean
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

CHAIRMAN’S RESERVE, has been one of the gems from ST LUCIA DISTILLERS for decades. In order to reposition its different rums on the international market, the distillery asked LINEA – the design agency from the Spirits Valley – to revamp the brand identity and the line of packaging. The graphical work has endeavoured to get back the brand credibility through three wills. Firstly, modernizing the creation with more topical structures. Secondly, keeping the soul of the brand with guarantee elements that make it unique, for example, reintroducing the signature of Laurie Barnard – the distillery founder and prominent rum expert according to her peers. And finally, asserting the international dimension of the range leading it to represent Santa-Lucia’s rums all around the word.