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Derrick Lin


Design: Copystudio
Manufacturer Dolci Fonderie Ciomod SRL
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Modica (RG) – Italy
Packaging Contents: Chocolate bar
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Recycled cardboard, paper and aluminium paper.
Printing Process: Letterpress printing

The rediscovery of the origins is our new exciting journey.

A new project, a new challenge, a more accurate selection of raw materials, a meticulous control over the production chain, a wrapper made entirely by hand , a recycled and recyclable cardboard, virtuous example of legal and sustainable economy.

The handmade project was born from the desire to experiment and to become increasingly involved in the processing of our chocolate: in our new workshop we start the production from the selection of cocoa beans and from processing of single origin cocoa masses.

In this occasion the refined cocoa selected meets raw materials of excellence, which represent Sicily and its ancient agricultural and culinary tradition: DOP oil of the Hyblaean mountains, Trapani’ salt, Ciaculli mandarin, carob honey of Sicilian black bee, Sesame of Ispica, (they boast of slow food protection), wild thyme, are all ingredients that become the protagonists of our new bars.

The goal is to bring out the flavor and aroma of each of the single products that we choose and helping to introduce them for their specific and unique features. Arauca chocolate and Huila chocolate complete the “handmade” line, two bars processed directly from Colombian cocoa beans. The choose of Colombian cocoa is not accidental, far from it.

Just over two years ago, we became aware of a project carried out in this country. Since about five years ago, in Colombia, thanks to a cooperation program, there is a conversion of coke plantations in cocoa plantations.

A bet like this has meant that many associations and farmers fighting the guerrillas, witnessing scenes of violence, fighting against the rampant cultivation of coke. During our trip to this land, we had the possibility to know some of the people who believed and invested in the reconversion, putting also themselves in the frontline when, above all, to the dawns nothing was simple and all seemed an utopia.

We fell in love of this history and we wanted to embrace this project without any hesitation.

The dream of Elisabeth Agudelo with is Villa Gaby, Gonzalo Tavera Cruz and his Asoprolan Productores, La Manigua, El Colaboratorio, deserves to be known and favored to allow that all the efforts done till now, finally, can succeed.

For these reasons, we have chosen the charm and the contradictions of the Colombian cocoa.

Because the good thing is also the correct thing.