Derrick Lin


Design: MAS Brand being
Packaging Designer: Bart Nagel
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Greenco
Location: Honselersdijk, The Netherlands
Packaging Contents: Tomatoes
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Recycled plastic, Recycled paper

Greenco is an international grower and packager of snack vegetables. We got to design the new packaging of the Tommies minis. A small tomato with a big impact. Tommies Mini tomatoes are extra small and extra crispy. These red tomatoes add a lovely sweet taste to a salad, pizza or pasta.

A tasty and healthy boost for your meal!
The packaging is small, iconic, striking and has the cheerful Tommies identity. The round shape emphasizes the shape of the tomato and stands out on the shelves. There are two types: Good-to-go (cheerful and healthy snack) for the OOH market and the Mini Toppers (premium topping) for retail. The colours are eye-catching and provide a beautiful contrast with the tomatoes, making them stand out even more. This makkes the product grab your attention. The inside of the sleeves has a suitable colour, fitting for the concept. Every concept has its own colour. The Tomies-to-go have a noticeable and fresh colour that immediately grabs the attention and the Tommies Mini Toppers are in white, giving them a premium, quality look.

100% recycled packaging
On top of sustainably grown tomatoes, the packaging is made of 100% recycled material. The cup is entirely made of recycled PET and the wrapper is made of recycled paper.