Design: Everland
Designer: Jonathan Faust
Strategy Director: Christian Halsted
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Læsk
Location: Denmark
Packaging Contents: Kombucha
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Foil

Friendship and a culinary curiosity. That was the starting point for Læsk, a Danish soft drink brand based in Copenhagen. With a range of exciting products, including organic kombucha and apple cider vinegar sodas, Læsk has set out to change the soft drink industry for good.

To do so, Læsk needed to reposition the brand and develop a new packaging design representing their playful approach, complex products and international growth ambitions. A position and design that could communicate exploration, help spread awareness, simplify the complexity and let the rest of the world learn how to say Læsk.

“We realised quite early on that our job was to distil Line and Eric into a packaging design. It sounds weird, but they represent what Læsk is all about, how the brand can win against the established players and why it will be the next thing on the soft drinks scene. They’re smart, playful, curious, thoughtful and all about the now. So that’s what we wanted Læsk to become too,” says Christian Halsted, Strategy Director at Everland.

Like a family, each Læsk product from swizzle to kombucha has its own look and feel. Focus is on the flavour which gives a unique look to each product. Combined with a few simple brand elements, the universe is coherent but with room for individuality and collaborations with other manufacturers, which has become a central part of the Læsk adventure.