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Derrick Lin


Design: Soraia Festa
Motion Designer / CG Artist: Rafael Sousa
Project Type: Concept
Location: Porto, Portugal
Packaging Contents: Olive Oil
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass Bottle
Printing Process: Digital Printing

In Miguel Torga’s “Wonderful Kingdom”, exists one of the most fertile Valleys in Europe – O Vale da Vilariça. In the heart of this Valley, some centuries old, is a group of lands and olive trees from where this Oil is obtained.

Build up on that quote, Santeiro’s Olive Oil was designed simple and sober true to it’s origins. Creating an effortlessness label for the already existing bottle to ease the people’s manual hard daily work.

The logo takes the word “Santeiro” (Saint) literal by cutting out the “T” as a cross but keeping it aligned to the rest. No additional icons were used on the logo, so the labels olive cutout would complement and blend in well together.

Due to the bottles dark color, lighter earth tones had to be used to contrast with the delivered black and white photo. The final product reflects the owners hard work and passion for their land.