C3 New Year’s Greetings Assortment Gift Set

Derrick Lin


Agency: Aizawa office
Designers: Yukihiko Aizawa, Yuki Mori
Client: Suzette Holdings Co. Ltd.
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Project Type: Commercial Work

C3 is a Japanese manufacturer of western-style confectionery.

This product is to let the people enjoy the New year’s holiday not only with traditional Japanese food, but also with their western-style sweets. The package is designed in the motif of ‘Osechi Ryori’, a specially prepared New Year’s food in lacquer boxes.

New Year’s lucky charms, red and white plum flowers are used symbolically with the traditional key colors for the New Year’s celebration, red, white and gold. Combination of these elements results in expressing a Japanese Tradition in a minimal yet decorative design suitable for the festive season.