Pueblo Vida Limited Release Beer Can Series

Derrick Lin


Design: Ryan Trayte
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Pueblo Vida Brewing Company
Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminum Can
Printing Process: Shrink Sleeve

Pueblo Vida Brewing Company took advantage of the low cost of beer can packaging, releasing limited run, special edition IPA cans at a brisk pace. Saywells Design Company has produced over 50 unique can designs since Fall, 2016. Since every can is purchased exclusively from the tap room, we have the luxury of bypassing typical conventions for establishing brand consistency that you’d see at a bottle shop. We push all the specs and logos to the back, leaving the front of the can free for unexpected, abstract designs inspired by the beer, by art, or by nature. Can releases are usually in pairs, every week or two. Sometimes we bring back favorites, but there is always at least one new can every release.

What’s Unique?
For us, most cans become an exploration into science or art history. Some examples: “Fields” is inspired by both an aerial view of farmland, and the color field works of Piet Mondrian. “Strata” is inspired by the hops profile, along with the stratigraphy of the Grand Staircase—layers of the earth revealed in Northern Arizona/Souther Utah. “Wunder is an obvious homage to the beautiful stained glass work of Frank Lloyd Wright. “Penumbra” runs with geometry from a sun design into a Persian-inspired tile pattern. “Ho’oponopono” is an abstracted pineapple, but the title references the Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation. The consistent goal is to create an experience similar to staring at an album cover while enjoying the record. The beer itself is engaging, but the can provides the first impression—a hint at the artistic direction that the creators envisioned.