Design: Spazio Di Paolo
Creative Director: Mario Di Paolo
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Kurz
Location: Germany
Packaging Contents: Gin
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Digital metallization printed directly on glass bottle

One-of-a-kind finishing technology for glass decoration requires a remarkable design and an eclectic product, and nowadays no other market is as creative as the Wine & Spirits one.
Gin has always been a best-seller and one of the most versatile and successful spirits of our time, a popular beverage with plenty of creative bottle designs.

This exceptional design, created for our Soul Gin, is a crisp and clean collage of shimmering inspiration. 
By applying different finishing technologies it boasts a visual depth and edge-defined brilliance expressed by the incredible metallic gloss. 
The modern design leaves space for the senses to unfold. It characterizes the naturalness of the gin as the origin, as the source of inspiration and spiritual freedom. 
A masterpiece of bottle finishing and a look that touches the soul.

The Concept
The dream is in equilibrium between body and soul
Ancient rituals of alchemical magic are achieved and they give birth to a new self
Made of dazzling light and scents of surreal worlds

Time expands
The discovery inspires the mind
In the gin the taste of nature reveals the substance of dreams

A unique efficient process: know-how in glass finishing.

The extraordinary metallic effects on the bottle creates a spectacular look: sumptuous colors and high edge-definition lend incredible depth to the motif by applying a combination of silk screen and hot stamping in a one step inline process.
The printing technology used efficiently responds to this complex decoration requirements, it employs special developed adhesives, metal foils and coatings, and is unique on the market.

This exceptional design is a symbol of intellectual freedom, filigree design combined with entirely new metallic effects creates such a special and profound statement for gin.