Yunjiang Ginger Fermented Liqueur

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Design: RR Donnelley Asia
Creative Manager: Darren Cheng
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Shanghai Yun Jiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Location: Shanghai, China
Packaging Contents: Ginger liqueur
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Offset lithography + Hot Stamping

When YUNJIANG approached us for a label design back in 2018, his runs were limited at local area, there’s a need for label adjustment and renewal in order to reflect the unique traits of his first ginger fermented liqueur in China. This was exactly the case with the new Yun Jiang ginger fermented liqueur.

YUNJIANG is a private label liqueur manufactured by Shanghai Yun Jiang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. This 16˚c ginger fermented liqueur use Xiao Huang Jiang (Litter Yellow gingers) as raw material which produce from Luoping area (N27º) in Yunnan Province of China,the most diverse province with its extraordinary landscapes.

We redesign the label by taking the unique terraced field geographical landscape of Luoping, Yunnan as the design concept, the irregular curve not only outlines the bird’s-eye view of the terrace, but also the texture of the ginger.

The main color of black and gold is not only to bring out its elegant style, but also to symbolize the raw material of the YUNJING as the title of “Treasure under the Earth”. Matte black symbolizes the essence of earth, and the golden curve shows high quality of ginger. Different from the ordinary label design, the product introduction on the label uses the traditional Chinese vertical writing method to present the traditional culture of the product.