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Founder of an innovative startup double flexible packaging: Oleksandr Grytsenko
Project Type: Concept
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Packaging Contents: Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, liquid candy, as well as detergents, adhesives and other non-food products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Flexography

Duopack is an innovative double-flexible packaging patented in many countries of the world. This package is based on widely distributed flexible stand-up pouch with one feature – in the middle there is a partition that divides the inside products into two isolated parts. In this way, the consumer can use this package to extract alternately or jointly-internally the foods according to his taste and discretion.

Duopack is the next step in the development of flexible packaging doy-pack pouch.

It should be noted that the innovative Duopack packaging, in contrast to the double plastic and glass packaging, has additional advantages for both the manufacturer and the consumer, namely:

  • an unusual and creative form of packing Duopack allows to stand out among competitors in a standard doypack;
  • the ability to combine in one Duopack package not only two products with the same volume of 50/50, but also with different volumes, for example: 30/70; 40/60 etc;
  • a wide range of applications (food and non-food products, in particular shampoos, detergents and technical aids of various consistencies);
  • safety for the consumer and as a result the possibility of its use in sports and music events;
  • in general, flexible packaging is one of the cheapest types of packaging in comparison with plastic, glass and tin cans;
  • the packaging is not beating, has a low weight and takes shape during the filling process;
  • easily and completely covered by the image;
  • does not require large storage space, as well as low transportation costs.

Thus, “Duopack” is able to become a real driver in the field of further development of flexible packaging.

What’s Unique?
The uniqueness of DUOPACK POUCH is in its shape and structure, which allows the consumer to use, alternately or jointly, the two products that are inside. This design immediately attracts the attention of consumers, especially children and young people who tend to experiment with different tastes. This format corresponds to the current areas of functionality, healthy lifestyle, the format of electronic commerce and so on…

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