Design: 2 Ninety-Two (兩個 九二)
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: China
Packaging Contents: Tea, food, coffee, drinks
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper box
Printing Process: 4 colour printing

LIDA TEA brand packaging series is divided into 5 categories (logo for customers)

The overall design visual style is in the form of “simple, general, abstract” to match the products of different people. Reflecting the brand positioning of “fashion, modernity, petty bourgeoisie”

1. Office tea with “newspaper” as a visual element
The symbol extracts “office supplies” and uses the commonly used “ruler tools” to represent each day. Incorporating different colors, giving people a different visual experience.

2. Women’s tea with “flowers” as a visual element
A woman sways in the wind like a “flower”, a delicate petal, a graceful gesture. Like a slim fairy dancing, Elegant and graceful.

3. Travel tea with “boat” as a visual element
Travel is like a “boat” free in the sea, with a quiet heart and non-stop footsteps, I kept meeting, kept thinking, and kept updating my memory.

4. Children’s tea with “Star River” as a visual element
The child is like a vast “Xinghe”. Those twinkling stars are like a bright eye. There are so many illusions that I will continue to explore and discover in the future.

5. Elder tea with “mountain peak” as a visual element
The old man is like a majestic “mountain peak”. The character of the mountain is strong, not afraid of any pressure. However, it is plain and kind, and the style is gentle, handsome and tender.

To sum up the illustrator style will give people a feeling of “artistic atmosphere.” Like painting and not painting, it always gives people a kind of “squeaky” strength. Because of this kind of “squeaky” strength, it gives a different visual experience.