Derrick Lin


Design: CAT 01
Photography: Luiđi Duljaj
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Lunika
Location: Kanfanar, Croatia
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, Paper

This story has been inspired by the railway line located near the vineyards and farms in Istria, connecting the inside of the region “Kanfanar” with the coastal towns. The line named “La Linea” was operating for exactly 90 years – from 1876 till 1966. Many interesting and exited stories of it’s passengers have been passed from one generation to another, and although inactive for more than 50 years, it still remained important cultural heritage of “Kanfanar”.

Tender: Tender is a red wine, very dark in color and has been named after one of the most important wagons “TENDER”, which was the wagon carrying the carbon.

Mi Fior: Is a rose wine and it means “my flower”. The name was inspired by the story of father who was returning from journey to his beloved daughters bringing them flowers each time uppon his arrival.

Prima Volta: Prima volta means “for the first time”. It’s a young and fresh white wine, excited just like a young man who travels for the first time looking for the new adventures.

Makiništa: Makiništa means “Train Driver”. This white wine is of darker copper colors, which makes it slightly different from the other white wines. It carries the name of a train driver who is always obscured by smoke and coal.