Design: Eunice Tan
Project Type: Student Project
School: RMIT
Course: Bachelor of Communication Design
Tutor: Renato Gallina
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Packaging Contents: Su Filindeu (Pasta)
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital Printing

Su Filindeu is one of the rarest pasta in the world and Paola Abraini is one of the only three women that can make this pasta in the present time. Due to the extremely difficult process in making them, Su Filindeu is known to be one of the most expensive and rare pasta in the world. Thus, it is in need of a luxurious logo and packaging design to showcase the sophistication and providing an experience that is as unique as the product inside.

Inspired by the all-made-by-hand pasta, the design for this packaging serves the purpose of taking consumers on a unique and luxurious journey that is one of a kind. White ink was printed on white linen paper to create subtle textures that represent textures of pasta. A customised black wax seal has been used to emphasise authenticity and personalisation. Along with the hand-lettered logo, these features aim to make consumers feel as if the maker has signed and stamped on the box herself. This packaging is a minimal and contemporary approach to today’s pasta experience with a touch of nostalgia in traditional ways.

What’s Unique?
This packaging challenges the common pasta packaging shapes and structures with a long and big rectangular box that can make users feels rather special and unique to receive. It gives a feeling of a gift box, though it looks minimal at first sight however there are more details to discover like the white ink printed on white paper that reflects the lights under different angles. The sleek black wax seal was hand poured and stamped on. This luxurious packaging stands out with its own voice with the sleek contrast of purely black and white.