Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In May 2019

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Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of May 2019. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!

Ikea Food packaging design by Stockholm Design Lab

Not only is IKEA the world’s largest furniture retailer, with around 350 stores in 43 countries, it is also Sweden’s largest exporter of meat: there’s an appetite for IKEA’s meatballs everywhere you go. IKEA’s in-store cafés have been around since the 1960s but, for almost as long, the retailer has sold a selection of Swedish specialities in small “food markets” positioned after the main checkouts.

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Old Tom Gin packaging design by Jess Glebe Design

Our design for Eight Oaks Distillers’ limited edition Old Tom Gin is replete with whimsical illustrations marrying distillation ingredients and furry friends of the feline persuasion — a nod to the spirit’s 18th-Century roots. The two-color label is beautifully detailed and sophisticated with just the right amount of playfulness. Look closely and you’ll discover two Tomcats, one of which rides upon an orange wheel unicycle.

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Rusto Coffee packaging design by Forma Station

Forma Station were approached to make the package design for a series of coffees in the upper price segment for the Russian market. Forma Station decided to broaden the task and update the identity of the brand redesigning the logo too.

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Brachia KIDS Olive oil designed by Design Bureau Izvorka Juric – unwrap a coloring book with 6 color pencils within

Fully in line with the purpose of the product, the packaging communicates with consumers in a more accessible and flexible way then Brachia’s earlier packaging. It was designed in order to make the product accessible to children and fun to use. It is also supposed to be educational, raising awareness of the importance of regular consumption of olive oil.

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A SCENT Essential Oil packaging design by 不毛

A SCENT is positioned as an innovative and bold lifestyle brand covers three major series of essential oils, organic care (Skincare) and Fragrance. Using material made by Taiwan’s supplier who has forty years of experience, they are the only fragrance brand that marks the main components of essential oils on the package. Allen, the founder of A SCENT, has been in touch with skin care since he was 12, through years of experience and faith in popularizing life aesthetics, he launched A SCENT, the brand of essential oil.

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2XP Sunscreen packaging design by Chimera Design

2XP® is for people who set the pace and lead the pack. Who push, punish and play. People with passion, who strive for perfection, who believe in possibilities and participate with purpose. The brief, create a unique brand and packaging solution for a new high performance sunscreen range. The goal, challenge the market perception with innovative naming, form and function.

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Green Story Fertilizers packaging design by Alexander Cherkasov

Green story is a design-concept of fertilizers for the garden. This brand consists of four SKU: fertile soil, liquid universal fertilizer, and also fertilizers for flowers and lawn. This is a comprehensive care for all types of garden plants. Green story — fertilizers are designed for young novice gardeners. They use fertilizers to grow a healthy harvest and refine the garden.

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Battery’s 2019 Limited Edition Licorice Boost packaging design by Bluemarlin

Owned by Sinebrychoff, Finland’s leading brewery, Battery offers a portfolio of energy products that help consumers, “Reach for More.” With exceptional taste and superior refreshment, Battery gives you the energy to perform at your best, turning everyday challenges into easy wins.

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Barolo Balena wine packaging design by Spazio Di Paolo

The Barolo Balena label is dedicated to the nature and its never ending transformation, the Barolo is the one of Michele Chiarlo Winery, a prestigious wine known all over the world, produced in the most incredible wine region in the entire globe.
It all starts in the vineyards of Michele Chiarlo and with the skeleton of a whale found right by the family in the Barolo vineyard.
The land around the Monferrato and the Langhe is characterized by hills entirely made up of ancient marine sediments testifying an age in which the lands were sea.

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Neuriva brain performance supplement packaging design by Design Bridge

Design Bridge saw the opportunity to differentiate the Neuriva brand by telling both natural and science stories in one, drawing on its unique positioning of using clinically proven natural ingredients backed by science. The new brand imagery captures this idea through a split illustration, conveying scientific efficacy and a healthy brain on one side, and colorful vignettes of everyday life on the other. The playful illustrations were co-created with illustrator Brett King, giving this new-to-market brand a distinctive style that balances modern efficacy with natural cues, creating a unique personality that engages consumers.

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