Agency: Everland
Design Director: Mikael Tonning
Project Type: Produced
Client: Ole & Steen US
Location: New York, USA
Packaging Contents: Juice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Danish design agency helps Ole & Steen develop a Danish design experience abroad

Ole & Steen brings a proud tradition of Danish bakery to both USA and UK. Danish shopper agency, Everland, has helped develop the brand and design experience across the bakery’s own products.

With +70 stores in Denmark, the successful bakery Lagkagehuset has swooped the Danes with their tasty bread and delicious cakes. Under the name Ole & Steen, the company is now persuading Brites and Americans at their 11 stores in London and Oxford and 2 stores in New York.

At the moment, Everland is assisting Ole & Steen in executing their packaging design in a way that presents their tireless and meticulous search for the best bakery as well as their Danish roots. The agency builds on years of experience with crafting designs for international markets that build on a Scandinavian tradition.

“It’s exciting to work with Ole & Steen while they’re in the midst of international expansion”, says Thomas Gamst, Managing Director at Everland. “Through our work for Ole & Steen, we show how design can make a difference and create a unique presence that crosses borders and cultures while staying true to its origin.”