Kankaria Tea

Derrick Lin


Design: Siddhi Kankaria
Location: India
Project Type: Student Project
School: National Institute of Fashion Technology
Course: Fashion & Lifestyle Accessory Design
Packaging Contents: Tea leaves
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Biodegradable Corn Fabric, bamboo fibre, aluminium lamination on plastic sachet
Printing Process: Digital printing, aluminium lamination, sticker print

Kankaria Tea Company was established in 1971, since then they have been into retail of tea leaves, but now as they try to get into the market of tea dip bags. Here is the pitch for entering the market on an innovative yet useful way of managing tea dip bags waste, and making it organic as much as possible.

The primary packaging of tea leaves is done in corn fiber, secondary is done in an aluminum laminated sachet to help in retaining the moisture technicalities and tertiary is done in bamboo fiber paper.
Here the main purpose is to maximize the eco-friendliness to the environment, plus focusing on the customer’s benefits of using natural product for health and beauty benefits, as here I have tried to manifest the benefit of tea leaves for under-eye bags, to help the customer feel light and beautiful drained in the benefits of green tea.

The color scheme has been used as to describe the product as the white represents the purity of the product, green represents green tea, the growth of organic industry and the brown color shows the earthiness of the brand being wholesome.

What’s Unique?
Have you heard about the benefits of green tea bags to be used to cure under eyes and under-eye bags? Here is the way to use the tip in the most friendly and effective way by using the bag as eye patches, to get beauty and health advantages, majorly aiming at organic beauty and its benefits with health.