Poker Kingdom Coffee



Agency: Hong Da Design Studio
Designer: Jiang Hong-Da
Location: Taiwan
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Taiwan
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium foil bag, Paper
Printing Process: Conventional printing, Foil stamping

A system of classification which makes complicated information about coffee like types, flavors, origin, roasting levels and processing methods sorted by the idea of poker. The designer has also visualized numerous information and figures to help consumers choose the coffee they like intuitively and easily.

The high-density fibrous paper has been chosen for the product. The application of the wasting materials of the fir forest has reduced the stress on the local environment which also expresses the charm of natural Hokkaido on the paper about. The natural materials applied are easy to decompose which also interpret the coffee grounds made in the grinding process.

The Pantone 871u rich gold has been applied to the box of the gift box which represents the golden ground growing the coffee trees. aqueous coating and overprinting techniques have been applied to the box to make the golden color greater, gold tooling technique has been applied to build up “the wall of the kingdom of best coffee”. The golden ratio and the golden cut have been used to make the illustrations, the four suits represent the four processing methods individually. The best geometric appearance is successfully built up by the form, the colors, the stories and the elements of coffee.

The master roasting technique, help you to roast the great coffee which warms up people’s hearts. Jokers: Brightness and Darkness. The brightness represents “Naturally processed beans: the trace of god cat”, and the darkness represents “Picked-in-night beans: the gaze of god cat”. The attractive, mellow fragrance lets god cat come to ask. Spades: The kingdom of magic, the elemental: Salamander (fire). The master roasting technique, help you to roast the great coffee which warms up people’s hearts. Hearts: The kingdom of art, the elemental: Undine (water). Master brewing technique, help you to brew the coffee with mellow fragrance. Diamonds: The kingdom of technology, the elemental: Sylph (wind). Unique mixing technique, help you to mix the coffee at the golden ratio. Clubs: The kingdom of nature, the elemental: Gnome (earth). Excellent planting technique, help you to cultivate the purest wonderful beans.

What’s Unique?
Classifying coffee is always the hardest part since there are complicated, various kinds of coffee. This is the reason why the designer designed the package. The designer used poker elements to simplify the classifying process, which makes people easier access to the coffee they want.

Professional Roasting Concept which able to warms up one’s heart. Roasting Concept-Nordic style fast roast concept, double roast concept, Japanese style slows roast concept. Each number (1-10) on the card represents a different roast level, ranging from 10% roast level ( light roast ) to 100% roast level (dark roast). J, Q & K cards represent natural processed coffee. Sophisticated Brewing Method to brew for a cup of aromatic coffee.

Brewing temperature (degrees). Each number (1-10) on the card represents different brewing temperature (degrees), ranging from high temperature: 96 degrees to lower temperature: 87 degrees(typically from light roast coffee to dark roast coffee).

J, Q & K cards represent washed processed coffee. Unique Coffee Blending Concept to formulate the golden ratio coffee. Golden ratio formulated by scientific theory. Each number (1-10) on the card represents 10 different blends of coffee, ranging from a light roast to dark roast. J, Q & K cards represent honey processed coffee. Excellent Plantation Techniques which produce the world’s finest coffee. Characteristics by coffee regions.

Each number (1-10) on the card represents single-origin coffee from 10 different regions ranging from light roast coffee to dark roast coffee. The J card represents washed processed coffee, Q card represents honey processed coffee and K card represents natural processed coffee.