Photographer: Gaby Guajardo
Brand Strategy: Gisela Leal, Checo Gutiérrez
Location: Mexico
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Beer + Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Digital printing & Foil stamping

Wild Ale & Barbera is a wine + beer product. A collaboration between Leonardo di Vincenzo from Birra del Borgo at Borgorose, Italy, Fernando Pérez Castro from Hacienda La Lomita in Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico; and Checo Gutiérrez from Cerveza Bocanegra (Mexico).

The challenge was to create the identity and packaging design of a new product that in reality had to communicate the sum of years of hard-work, successes and even some hard lessons, a new milestone in Cerveza Bocanegra’s brand (leader of the project).

The feather of the emblem, honors the tool that Francisco González Bocanegra used when he wrote the Mexican National Anthem. He is the spirit behind the brand. Every intersection of lines that conforms the illustration represents a key event in the path of Cerveza Bocanegra brand’s story. Every point represents a challenge, a success, or even an unforgettable obstacle, everything that makes the brand what it is today. This feather represents the path followed, and the road ahead.

Wild Ale & Barbera represents the courage of getting out of the comfort zone and to reinvent oneself over and over. It’s a voice that inspire others, that challenges the consumers to cross the self-imposed limits. That’s why we created the slogan: “Sal de ti” which is the Spanish for “Get out of yourself”.

What’s Unique?
What’s unique about this product is that is a new category, and that is the merge of three well positioned existing brands.