Derrick Lin


Designer: Zakhar Zhelonkin
Photoshop: Zhelonkin Zakhar
Project Type: Produced
Location: Russia
Client: Chinese tea Chi-ti
Packaging Contents: Chinese tea
Packaging Substrate / Material: Paper
Printing Process: Digital printing
Product launch location: Global

A new brand of elite Chinese tea Chi-ti.

Collection of elite Chinese tea from 6 types of buds. CHI-TI Chinese elite bound tea with the addition of Lily flowers, amaranth, calendula and Jasmine. Natural green tea grown and processed in Fujian province. Tea leaves tied in the shape of a ligi fruit, when brewed, the Bud blossoms into a beautiful green flower. The golden infusion has a subtle, delicate flavor with floral and honey aroma.

Natural green tea activates the brain, relieves fatigue, increases concentration, relieves headache. High content of vitamin P cleanses the body and has a positive effect on the liver. Normalizes pressure increases the body’s resistance to infectious and viral diseases, strengthens the immune system. Calms, relaxes, relieves anxiety and stress improves sleep. It is advisable to use in the morning or at least 2-3 hours before bedtime.