Hidden Curiosities Aranami Gin



Label Manufacturer: Royston Labels
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Hidden Curiosities
Product Launch Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Gin
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, paper

This clever gin label utilises reverse printing to tell two different stories. Turn the bottle around for a peek through the glass at the gorgeous illustration on the back.

Hidden Curiosities Gin is famous for its unusual botanicals and vintage-inspired packaging. Having started life in 2017, this young brand has gone from strength to strength, regularly featuring on the cocktail menus of the UK’s most fashionable watering holes.

The company’s latest offering is Aranami Strength, a navy gin that clocks in at a powerful 59% ABV. This exquisite gin is packed with Japanese botanicals including yuzu and sansho pepper, and bears a premium label manufactured by the Royston team.

The previous label we created for Hidden Curiosities is notable for its double-sided printing. As seen here, we printed on the reverse to create a striking effect when the bottle is viewed from the back. The same brief was used when printing the Aranami Strength label to create a clear visual line between the two (very different) gin varieties.

The front of the label is white and bears the distinctive Hidden Curiosities branding, marked out in fine line work and detailed copper foiling. Further embellishment comes in the form of an understated design depicting pink cherry blossoms and grey cresting waves outlined in copper foil.

The back of the label, meanwhile, is an explosion of colour and vibrancy. Filling the space is a kaleidoscopic Japan-inspired illustration, which shows a green dragon rising from a pool of water. White cranes, pink chrysanthemums and leaping fish complete the image, creating a gorgeous visual spectacle when seen through the glass.