Jingyang Brick Tea

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Derrick Lin


Creative Director: Langcer Lee
Designer: Jie Yang, LinWei Guo, Riso Guo, Limo Pan
Illustrators: Fan Zhang
Photographers: Tao Jiang
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Client: 陕西古渡茯砖茶有限公司
Golden Pin Design Award PR: Daniel Cunningham
Product Launch Location: China
Packaging Contents: Tea, Beverage
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Wood, Rice Paper
Printing Process: Woodblock printing, Handmade

The design concept reflects the late Qing Dynasty merchant culture and local customs. The various of life such as merchants riding horses around downtown and countryside, vendors selling the local snacks, folk artists performing Chinese operas, students preparing for exam, mother and kids. Line drawing techniques and tea receipts that circulated during the late Qing Dynasty will be used to seal the bottom of the brick tea. We use three colors on different packaging. The reason we choose these colors because they are traditional Chinese colors.

What’s Unique?
We invite the female masters to do the wood-block prints, which is very rare in this area. They carve 3 different patterns with the size of 10x10cm on the wood-block, and one part of product information with the size of 7x7cm. The whole process include: simple contour carving on board, carving on wooden boards, repair the designed pattern, remove wood from pattern gap, remove excess wood, carving patterns which are polished, colour on the board, rubbing on Xuan paper and so on. While the back of the package will use hand carved stamp as decoration.