Agency: Everland
Design Director: Mikael Tonning
Graphic Designer: Camilla Madeleine Lykaas
Location: Denmark
Project Type: Produced
Client: Żywiec Zdrój
Product Launch Location: Poland
Packaging Contents: Sparkling Water
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium

To accommodate the demands of the Polish Millennials, Danone Poland’s flagship brand, Żywiec Zdrój, has developed three new flavoured sparkling water products inspired by world cuisine.

The design objective was to create an “object of desire”: A product that Polish Millennials not only want to drink but also want to be seen with – in real life and on Instagram.

In order to appeal to the younger target audience, the new products needed a rejuvenated, urban identity. A fresh breath that leverages the well-known and cherished Żywiec Zdrój brand but also adds a new dimension to the local market leader. Or new edge, if you will.

Inspired by the Sparkles range of Aqua d’Or (also a Danone brand), Danish design agency Everland developed the design of the new sub-brand, creating an iconic, expressive and flavourful design that lights up on the shelves and on the screens.

The Sparkles range was launched in April 2019, and the three flavour variants – Virgin Mint, Garden Berries and Green Lime – are now widely available all over Poland.