Design: Estudio300sesenta
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Bodegas Menhir Salento
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Label Velvet
Printing Process: Flexografia, serigrafia, stamping

Bodegas Menhir Salento, located in the province of Puglia, in southern Italy, has the need to open a market in Spain and the creation of a brand-related romantically with the family of the owner of the same, for them, they convey the importance Zisa, the grandmother of the 4 promoters of this project, has them and they ask us to convey the feeling of the area where they live, in a Spanish wine from the area where her grandfather, years ago had been in love with the vineyards.

The Puglia is a region located in the South of Italy, with a Mediterranean climate, so the feeling and the way of life is almost equal to ours, therefore, the human feeling is very similar to ours. In our visit to one of its facilities, we looked at the floor that Zisa had in her old kitchen, where she made all her grandchildren eat, and for which, we decided to make it the central point of the design, which together with the initial 4 Of the 4 promoters, they make up a perfect flower, 4 sides, 4 petals, 4 names and 4 grape varieties. The location of the winery, a few kilometers from the sea, gave us a mist early in the morning, which made us recreate it in the form of a gradient in the Packaging, thus generating a greater memory in this wine tribute to Zisa. But without a doubt, the strong point of this Packaging is the material used, velvet or velvet, which conveys the softness and elegance of an Italian design, made here, at home.

What’s Unique?
The use of new materials such as Fasson’s Velvet, as well as implant finishes on this new material.