NOMAD Cold Brew Coffee



Designer: Quan Duong
Illustrator: Eric Nguyen 
Copy Writer: Thien-Ngan, Nguyen
Art Directors: Ha-Duong, Nguyen, Tri-Quan, Duong
Project Type: Produced
Location: Vietnam
Client: NOMAD Cold Brew Coffee
Packaging Contents: Cold brew coffee
Packaging Substrate / Material: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Digital printing, foil stamping
Product launch location: Vietnam

NOMAD Cold Brew Bar is a boutique café located in a small alley on Vo Van Tan St., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. NOMAD is chill, quiet place to enjoy a cup of coffee, to hang out with friends, or simply to read a book.

As we talked with the founders, we realized that NOMAD is more than just a coffee/cafe brand. NOMAD (as its name) is promoting something bigger–a lifestyle: a simple, carefree lifestyle. NOMAD Cold Brew is a drink for a free soul, and NOMAD Cafe is the place where you are always welcomed.

The icon is simply reflecting the spirit of the nomadic lifestyle–camping by the river, you set your soul free and be a part of the nature–The icon is not only just the symbol of the brand, (our intention was) as the brand grows it would become the symbol of the nomadic lifestyle.

The identity for NOMAD is quite simple which is fitting in the brand’s character. By creating a series of distinctive illustration, we are able to tell the story of the brand without saying too much.