“Bizim Aschi” Products Rebranding

Derrick Lin


Agency: Aghayarov Bureau
Art Director: Khudayar Aghayarov
Location: Azerbaijan
Project Type: Produced
Client: Sham-Fi / Bizim Aschi
Product Launch Location: Azerbaijan
Packaging Contents: Cereals, Pasta, Sugar products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic packs
Printing Process: Digital printing

“Bizim Aşçi” began its activity in Azerbaijan in 2009. “Bizim Aşçi”, who have always chosen quality products and services as their primary target, are also highly developed. Our hungry brand brings together products from the best manufacturers in countries such as Turkey, Russia, India, Canada and Egypt, and packs them under a brand name in full compliance with hygienic standards. We have developed new design styles for logos and packaging as an indication of the value the company is giving to its customers. The new logo is more focused on products, not chefs. This makes the company more successful.

“Bizim Aşçi” has years of experience in the food industry. We have developed new packaging designs for the purpose of presenting natural, high-quality and clean products to the buyer. The new styles have been developed in bakery, pasta and sugar packages, showing the baking and usage dishes of each product in a transparent area in the center of the packaging. We have long appreciated our own style of packaging industry, giving new carriers a new breath. Also, small recipes have been placed around the dishes for quick and quick baking. We give the user certain information by specifying the minimum baking time of the product. The packaging of the product packages has a nice and appetizing effect.