Design: Helen Xa-Thomas
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Student Project
School: Shillington
Course: Graphic Design
Tutor: Hilary Archer
Packaging Contents: Hot Sauce
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Ceramic Bottle and Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital Printing

The product:
Jolokia is a hot sauce designed for single mums. There is a disproportionate and stereotypical representation of single mums in media, advertising and branding in general.

We want to set taste buds on fire while making single mums finally feel understood. Armed with flavour, this hot sauce is only for the headstrong.

Single mums see themselves as strong independent women who have strengths they never knew they had. “My life is my own and I am in charge.”

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Making chillies emotive:
Scientists have theorised that the evolutionary reason chillies burn is to dissuade mammals from eating them while birds were able to eat them and allow the seeds to flourish. In parallel, a mother’s instinct is to protect and enable her child to flourish in life. Protection and survival informed the brand story – Jolokia’s legend.

Jolokia’s legend tells the story of a brave goddess who stood her ground and defended her land and people.
Inspired by Osprey mothers who take parenting seriously, Jolokia is a strong independent goddess, in charge of her own life. She is full of strength, courage, creativity and forgiveness. This is a brand that shows people who’s truly bossing it.

What’s Unique?
The unboxing experience is unique. The vibrant orange outer box hints at the story with a single feather. Upon opening, it reveals a beautiful white ceramic glass bottle inside which in itself, is unusual for the category. This experience is designed to be luxurious because single mums love things that are elegant (they feel they deserve a treat.)