Design: RONG Design
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Wine

Hua Diao is a traditional Chinese yellow wine, which has a history of over six thousand years. Glutinous rice and yeast of high quality are used to make this special wine. Its taste is soft and mellow, after a long precipitation of time, the color would be golden and clear like the gem Amber.

The similarities between Amber and Hua Diao is where the design inspiration came from. Firstly, this packaging design focused on the color; both have a golden luminance. Secondly, both Amber and Hua Diao require patience and time to reach perfection.

Amber’s natural quality of nobility and honor fits perfectly with the fact that this product is meant to be a thoughtful gift. Through this unique structural design, the wine bottle is suspended in the middle while the cuts on the package present the body as a water-dropped shape. The essence of Hua Diao and Amber, hereby flawlessly combined, as a whole. On top of all that, the traditional Chinese knot added the finishing touch, not only it brought this piece of artwork to life, it also added another layer of cultural significance to the overall packaging.