Design: Tran Thu
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Student Project
Packaging Contents: organic soap
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Cardboard
Printing Process: Digital printing

This project was created for my final thesis in the Packaging course.

I created ONCE Co. as a Vietnamese brand specialized in the handcraft of 100% organic soaps produced in small batches, through a hot-processed method that retains all nourishing properties to feed the skin. These days, young women pay more attention to skincare with organic products. Armed with the mentality of taking care of one’s body and treating the environment with kindness, Once’s brand emphasizes on working in alignment with nature and not against it.

Thousands of years ago, humans have discovered the power of natural magic, healing and beauty recipes through herbs, flowers, and essential oils. On the concept of promoting magical nature, the brand wants to send the customer a gift which brings all-natural flavors to their bath time

While doing research for the process of making soaps, I realize and associate the art of making soap with “green witches” in witchcraft time – a naturalist, an herbalist, and a healer. This idea is my inspiration to create a distinguishable package for the product.

Goal: To portray the contents in an unconventional way and make the product stand out from usual soap packaging while keeping the brand recognizable.

Keywords: Organic – Magic – Youthful – Friendly

Solution: To build on the vibe of “fairy-tale”, the front side of the package filled with illustrations of specific ingredients that help a consumer differentiate the flavors. A cauldron will be the main image.