Derrick Lin


Design: Shohida Rasulova
Location: Malaysia
Project Type: Student Project
School: The One Academy
Tutor: Mrs. Ming
Packaging Contents: Special Edition Publication
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Tracing Paper, thread and maple paper
Printing Process: Digital Printing

A limited-edition set of two books which focuses on drug usage in Malaysia. The first book is inspired by the mental and emotional suffering of a drug abuser. Therefore, the layout and the photography which is black and white represent the paranoia of the drug abusers. The second book is colourful to show the experience of the drug abusers while they are under the influence of a specific drug and the phases they go through.

What’s Unique?
To provide readers the full experience of what it is like to be a drug addict. The idea is to illustrate the suffering they go through and how drugs bring them relief, joy and utopia.