Design: NOME Brand Architects
Location: Ukraine
Project Type: Produced
Client: Pure+
Product Launch Location: Canada
Packaging Contents: Kombucha, Vinegar based on Kombucha, Waterkefir
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Bottles
Printing Process: Foil Stamping

Pure is Canadian brand known for its certified organic products based on Kombucha. The owners wanted to create products safe to give their children and decided to return to the origins of creating drinks: use well known natural ingredients, which were used by people tens of generations ago. When they embodied the idea of creating really pure, healthy and useful products, they wanted the world to try Pure too.

Each Pure’s ingredient is well chosen to make a positive impact to your digestive system including gut, to make products tasting well without unnecessary impurities and preservatives, chemicals, sugar, etc. but based on yeast and bacteria.

Pure is not only about healthy but also happy living – doing what we love and with whom we love, making little choices that build our life in a positive way.

This was a rebranding project, as client provided old company branding and wanted a complete overhaul. We had to redesign logo so it would complement new company philosophy, as well as redesign old overcrowded labels for 18 products: 9 kombucha beverages, 5 water kefir flavors and 4 kombucha based balsamic vinegars. The complexity lied in creating brand new style direction for the whole branding, which would disclose an idea of company values and aim: happy and pure living of each of us.

To emphasize pureness of the products, highlight kombucha and water kefir fermenting properties, we’ve decided to work on playful shapes, clean fonts and juicy color scheme, which reflect splash of energy and positive emotions after tasting Pure organic beverages. Whether it is Kombucha or Water Kefir, design represents it clearly giving this way the customer quick understanding of what the kind of product s/he holds in hands. The distinctive features of branding are the choice of easy to read fonts and the choice of specific colors per each of 18 products, which best represent the flavor: Detox means green with no options, while Happy means sunny, isn’t it? Overall minimalistic direction reflects the simplicity and ancient origin of main products ingredients. Finally, with the new branding Pure came to life and now is actively working on next sales quarter to make even more customers living happily and healthy!

What’s Unique?
We had to create design that combines the different types of products: Kombucha drinks, Vinegars and Waterkefir drinks, yet each of them still remains distinguishable and stand out. The uniqueness for sure lies in the product itself: the original Vinegars on the basis of Kombucha have multiple uses: from being a dressing for a salad, to being a cocktail component! This rebranding was aimed to make each product to appeal to health conscious consumer, show products not only as healthy ones, but also cool ones!