Hoseo University Student Projects 2020

Derrick Lin


School: Hoseo university
Tutor: Professor Jang Wook Seon
Course name: Package design
Year: 2020

Student: Dong yeong Kim

This package is designed with the concept of healthy food.

An image showing the properties of a product called substitute meat made of mushrooms was added. This product has 4 flavors, including white mushroom, king mushroom, oyster mushroom, and shiitake mushrooms, and it is separated by the image and color of each mushroom.

As a background, brown color was used to show the luxury of the product, and mushroom patterns were used to emphasize the properties of the product. The shape of the leaves can be seen on the side of the product so that you can feel the health of nature.

Student: Myeong geun Moon

Teratree is a herbal fruit food brand. The target of Teratree is an office worker in their 30s and 40s, and it has been developed in various forms for people who have insufficient food consumption. There are five types of products: roasted, fried, stewed, jelly, and pickle. They are made of four fruits: jujube, plum, fig, and mulberry. Teratree will bring a fresh breeze to the health food market focused on red ginseng and pharmaceuticals.

Student: Beom seok Kim

A total of four types of algae are made to help children take fun baths with foam, to fully hydrate their skin and protect their skin.We used four representative edible and healthy algae in Korea and designed them with ingredients that are harmless for infants to use

Student: Sang il Lee

Feel relax in Jeju, this is the slogan of TAMMORA.

TAMMORA is a pure Korean word for Jeju Island. The capsule package, which combines Jeju cactus with tea, will provide health and flavor. TAMMORA will offer a new experience to customers who want to enjoy tea in a new way.
Buyers of Tammora will drink cactus tea instead of coffee in espresso machines and in the busy life of modern people, you will feel a little relaxed like resting in Jeju Island.

Student: jungmi Kong

This package is a natural scrub made with the shape of a piece of fruit as a motif. is used to mean the brand logo is rubbed gently. The cross section of the fruit is placed at the top and below, so that the product can be seen at a glance. Lemon is used for whitening the face, and grapefruit gives the lips elasticity. Coconut protects the body’s moisture and kiwi is used to exfoliate the feet.

Student: Wonjae Lee

Danok means seeping in and melting into your throat. In the latest social context, the increase in dust concentrated in Asia will continue. One of the groups that is effectively affected by this is families and children with no economic or regional conditions, and when you look at those people looking for them in this situation, they’re usually grocery stores going to buy cold medicine or small grocery stores that buy local pharmacies, can’t they be found a little closer? The design is a healing food developed for display at snack stands and small supermarkets in front of schools that sell substandard food. Healing foods are made from four herbs (Cherry Sage, Lungwort, Lobelia, Eucalyptus) that are good for the throat and lungs.

Healing care products have eliminated awareness of junk food. You can see product information from the front, and if you open the structure from behind, you can eat jelly from your hands. It also uses environmentally friendly and biodegradable paper to solve the problem of after-dinner garbage or debris to reduce unnecessary waste. Ammonite graphics and medical approaches, which mean a precious drop for children exposed to disease, convey the philosophical image of the project.

Student: Yu mi Go

Today, the coffee industry is steadily increasing sales. People are also increasing the demand for differentiated coffee rather than regular coffee.

In particular, the perception of the taste and aroma of coffee has increased, and it can be seen that it is pursuing the consumption of premium coffee. It has a sophisticated and sophisticated image to match new trends, and we made instant coffee using herbal flowers, a material that can taste and aroma different from coffee.

The intuitive design of using flowers for coffee made it easy for consumers to recognize at a glance and made it into an instant coffee that can be easily enjoyed anywhere. The name of the Sopraus product comes from sopra + house. The meaning of the house is that each was carefully made one by one, such as Maxwell House or House Wine. Therefore, the word ‘sopra house’ refers to the meaning of coffee made with the utmost care. The slogan of the product means “Enjoy the taste and aroma of the sky.”

Student: Wonjae Lee

Danok is a health food brand made by melting extracts from four medicinal herbs for respiratory diseases. The brand’s symbol, Danok, means the seepage of precious water, and strengthens its symbolism with the fusion of bent Chinese characters and understated Hangul. The growing number of respiratory patients, a social issue, is raising interest in the immune system of meat. This is why it was developed in consideration of essential proteins that can be consumed overnight as well as immune foods that are good for respiratory patients.

It is our brand’s philosophy to take effect and process in consideration of consumers and social issues. The main color used the color of the tree’s sunlight-induced vitality, and the color of each hub was used as a point color. In design, mathematical division images are reminiscent of cutting forms and emphasize accuracy, effectively conveying images of products professionally processed through graphic and background colors through the textures of wood and hub extracts. When each shape is combined, it forms a fan-shaped shape and gives points reminiscent of superelevation on the plate.

Student: Dae geun Joo

The core of the Sea&Care design concept was developed as part of brand development that conveys nutrition and beauty to the skin. This package is a fish collagen tea-leaching inner beauty product that helps to provide and care for specific nutrients to the inside of the skin. We support you to take care of your skin easily every day while boiling it in the form of tea.

Design the shape of the fish on the outside, and you’ll see the identity that only this package can have. Use white on the label to give the product purity. A fish-like scales are represented graphically on top of the package, and below, the product’s effectiveness is represented by a symbol. It was developed in three different color variations to make it easier to identify each fish in different colors.

The philosophy of sea and care means “the beauty of deep nature in the sea.” Therefore, it conveys a message explaining the potential of easy skin care with natural products.

Student: Jonghee Lee

Aroman is a combination of Aroma and Roman, a bath therapy brand that means fragrance and romance. It targets women who consume a lot of beauty products and aims to develop eco-friendly Anti-pollution cosmetics.

Aroman’s products, which are based on healing trends, are mainly based on oil extracted from natural fruits, and aims to provide consumers with effective bathing time to enjoy skin care and relexing at the same time. While taking a bath, consumers can enjoy the feel of the fingertips and the rich fragrance that fills the space.

This product is Aroman’s fruit oil foam cleanser package consisting of four fruits: Bergamot, Litsea, Camellia, and Rose hip. The material of the package is made of paper without using plastic because it is eco-friendly cosmetics. The logo uses a luxurious curved handwriting logo to show that it is a reliable professional brand. The design is designed with the motif of the female face because it is a product used on the face.The beautiful curves of the face of a woman and the gradation of a soft fiber texture combine to show the fragrance spreading and soft skin image.

Student: yu jin Park

This product is a therapy tea that has its own effect with fruit and flower tea. I worked on the theme of the petal tea, giving a fragrant impression of the tea.

In an era where well-being and health are important, we have developed our own brand of custom therapy tea. With the increase in single-person households, people are seeking to enjoy leisure at home alone, so we have branded tea products. The image motive of the product is taken from nature and gives a natural friendly feeling. The logo of the serif was used to give an emotional feeling to the therapy tea. The shape motive was taken from the leaf and expressed as one leaf each. The origin of chadam is ‘to put tea’. With the expansion of the tea beverage market, we developed a customized therapy tea and combined tropical fruit and petal tea to enjoy both flavor and aroma.

Student: Yang Xiang

Now the aromatherapy on the market is mainly based on fragrance, and then emphasize its effects, etc., and I want to design this package to be characterized by aromatherapy can affect people’s emotions. Design features: characterized by petals, concise.

Student: YIJI YUN

“Skinny seaweed” is a product that makes it easier to eat healthy and flavored foods using a variety of seaweed, unlike common simple foods. Seaweed, called the vegetable of the sea, is very low in calories and is very effective in dieting.

It also contains folic acid, dietary fiber, calcium and iron minerals, so if you eat it with vegetables such as cucumbers and radishes that are rich in vitamins, you can supplement and eat it in a healthy way. The most effective way to eat seaweed is to eat it when the ocean smells good, so I thought about a salad with a variety of vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits that we talked about earlier.

In order to differentiate itself from other products, the design gave a name for the brand “Skinny” by highlighting the fact that the low-calorie calories of seaweed are low in weight, and the design was focused on delivering a sparkly image that best conveys the image of a fresh seaweed. Unlike other products, we designed this plant so that it can be shown from far away in order to show the product recognition related to seaweed. Unlike other products, which are mostly black and brown seaweed and other colors, the color of each of the four seaweed plants is designed to give pleasure to the eyes.

The seaweed, which I made to convey the feeling of eating healthy diet food from the ocean, was a product explanation because it was thin.


Design ideas originate from nature. Fruit combines with pasta to increase nutritional value. The big package is the look of the house, it has the feeling of being on the farm and being in a natural place. The small package of pictures is made from a combination of fruit and pasta, which makes it feel like the cut of the fruit is pasta. Increase interest and attract consumers. The shape of a small package is part of the house, and it is also associated with the house, which is associated with the farm, nature.

Student: jin a Choi

This is a mushroom muesli package. It is designed in the shape of a mushroom, the main ingredient. One package takes the form of a half of a mushroom, so if you combine the two, it becomes a mushroom. In addition, 4 flavors, consisting of a total of 4 packages, were presented, and they were designed in pink, orange, green, and blue colors to distinguish flavors from a distance. The front side tried to show as clean a image as possible using a picture on a white background.

Student: Jaehun Jeong

microplastics is detected in the ingredients of traditional fabric softener products, destroying the ecosystem and polluting the environment. The reason is because of the scent capsules in the fabric softener. Fragrance capsules remain in the fabric after washing, which can cause skin irritation. For this reason, the development of fiber-free softener without microplastics is thought to be necessary, so the purpose of design of ‘green bio-fiber softener’ without microplastics as the main ingredient is to promote consumer protection and ecological protection.

Student: Euijin Noh

What is the most important thing when children eat fruit? It’s how much fun you can enjoy. Young children need toys to eat. Also, getting close to food. This package tells young children about the familiarity of fruit and makes toys that resemble fruit. The color and cute image of pastel that children like are all in one place.

Children have certain fruits that they can eat for their age. The package offers a limited amount of fruit for each child’s age. Apples, bananas, melons and strawberries. The age at which children can eat is also written on the front of the package.

A background color that resembles the main color of each fruit, a logo that resembles a smiling face of a young child, and a smooth baby food have a splash image with the fruit. The part that opens the package resembles the leaf part of the fruit, so you can open it in a mood that feels like you’re peeling a fruit when you open the package to eat this food.

Be careful! Children may get closer to fruits than their parents.