Derrick Lin


Manufacturer: SKANDINAVISK
Location: Denmark
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Home & Body Products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: FSC-certified Boxes from Swedish forests, Recyclable bottles and tubes (renewably sourced bioplastics, 100% recycled plastic and aluminium), Reusable Glass (30% recycled materials, dishwasher-proof), Wax from Swedish rapeseed fields.

Exactly seven years after our launch we have changed everything.

The fragrance approach, the formulae, the packaging, the sourcing, the design. The footprint. Not because we aren’t proud of what we have done so far, more because we know we can be even better.

You could say it comes from seven years of experience in perfume, flame and cosmetics, and of learning not just to walk, but to run. But it really emerges from a growing awareness that the buying decisions we all make have a consequence on more than just our bank accounts.

Whether or not one believes in a climate crisis, it’s impossible to keep pretending our global appetite to consume – and industry’s rising control of the environment to indulge it – aren’t having a very negative impact on our shared future.

Our Next Generation product collection is more local, natural, organic, ethical and responsible.

What’s Unique?
We design everything from our office in Copenhagen, Denmark, and produce our finished products in Denmark, Sweden and France.

We prefer to source from inside the Nordic region, but this is not always possible, so we also source from elsewhere in the EU. (for example, the Nordic region is not famous for fragrance production). On the front and rear of every product for the skin we describe the exact amount of natural, certified organic, local spring water, and fragrance ingredients inside. They all start at 100% vegan.