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Derrick Lin


Location: Belarus
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Gin
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

PETERMAN & BARCLAYS is a story of two courageous men for whom honor has always been a priority. The best proudly produced gin is carefully packaged in a deliberately old-fashioned design with a unique bottle and cap shape. The authenticity of the product is at an extremely high level! The text and message of the label is simple and clear, and the product definitely deserves your attention.

PETERMAN & BARCLAYS is a project with a non-standard execution. A technically complex label with a large amount of well-designed text tells you about important things for the product. It is very important not to miss a single detail that we put into this design, and to understand its special mood and philosophy.

PETERMAN & BARCLAYS is an image, an unusual shape of the bottle, a special cap, and a bright ruby color that attracts attention. Each element of the project was reinterpreted several times in order to achieve a whole assembled image that became unique in the history of the design of spirits, an image that stood out and did not need extra compliments.

PETERMAN & BARCLAYS is an old-fashioned, proudly made premium gin.