#SAVETHENIGHT Jägermeister Limited Edition Bottle

Derrick Lin


Design: Here Design
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Jägermeister
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Liqueur
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

For the first time in the brand’s history, Jägermeister will change the front label of the iconic liqueur across countries and continents for the #SAVETHENIGHT Jägermeister Limited Edition Bottle. The bottle launches as part of an initiative to support nightlife communities during the COVID-19 crisis.

The #SAVETHENIGHT bottle and initiative is backed with the commitment from family-owned Mast-Jägermeister SE to generate 1 million euros for the global nightlife community, including artists, creatives, bartenders and club owners who are facing unprecedented hard times and struggling to make a living.

Here Design worked with Jägermeister to create this highly desirable limited edition bottle of its world-famous core product. The creation of the new bottle sees Jägermeister demonstrating its support for the industry that has carried it over the years and encouraging other drinks brands to follow suit to save the night life industry.

By re-interpreting the core Jägermeister label, Here Design was able to shape the idea of ‘save the night’ by focusing on and celebrating the positive aspects of the night – high energy, vibrance, allure, playfulness.

Music culture
Here Design took this creative insight and partnered with illustrator Max Löffler, a German artist known for his connections to music and underground culture, to collaborate on the bottle design.

The new illustration includes a portal of escapism on the front label, with a shining light beam representing a beacon of hope and positivity in dark times. The beam projects the distinctive Jägermeister stag as a symbol of optimism and reassurance. The label inverts the classic Jägermeister greens and oranges, amplifying the night-time vibe while continuing to honour the original, iconic Jägermeister design.

The best nights are still to come
“Jägermeister came to us with their idea of ‘saving the night’; a fantastic initiative that is helping the very community that has helped them over the years,” says Billy Bridgeworth, Creative Director at Here Design. “Putting confidence in us to change the bottle across continents for the first time in its history is a big honour, but more importantly the initiative shows how serious Jägermeister is in giving back and leading the charge for other drinks brands to do the same. It’s a special liqueur for a special time, and we are pleased to respond so quickly to the brief and bring this bottle to life.”

Gunar Splanemann, Head of Global Innovation & Design at Jägermeister explains: “With this unique initiative, we want to emphasise the importance of stepping in and helping. Global nightlife is truly under severe threat. We offer our fans a bottle they will hopefully love, with our approach to solidarity, which I am sure they share. Here Design has helped us bring this exceptional project to life with a new bottle symbolising the spirit, the strong cohesion and the high devotion that the global nightlife community stands for, and that Jägermeister has been an integral part of for decades.”

The brand has also partnered with Berlin-based Korean artist and DJ Peggy Gou, who has taken on the role of ambassador for this project.

The #SAVETHENIGHT Limited Edition Bottle will be available from 10th June, in select stores and e-shops in the following Jägermeister markets: Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, UK, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Argentina. South Africa, South Korea, China and Australia are to follow in August.

The total number of the highly desirable bottles is limited, so fans will have to be quick to order.

What’s Unique?
The graphic artwork is framed by an archway portraying the ‘gate to the night’. The frame is a poem by Here Design, dedicated to the nightlife community to create hope and solidarity. It declares: ‘the best nights are still to come and together we can save the night’. The back-label builds on the story and the cause.