Socially Distanced Pals

Derrick Lin


Design: Katrina Romulo
Location: United States
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Juice
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminum

Socially Distanced Pals (Spring 2020) is a campaign I made to encourage people to be considerate and thoughtful during these trying times. I wanted to call attention to the importance of social distancing, but I wanted to do it in a fun and approachable way (a call to action that was less scary and depressing than the news we read every day). I created personalized products for people to use alone in their own homes while they socially distanced themselves (ex. juice, ice cream, soap, coffee, hand sanitizer). I used muted, pastel tones to make sure that they didn’t take away from the illustrations and the message behind the campaign.

What’s Unique?
The personalized illustrations and details make my packaging design special. Underneath the names of each can I created descriptions that best matched the person the product was for (ex. Phat: chaotic energy with good intentions).