Location: Japan
Project Type: Produced
Client: Mastarich
Product Launch Location: Japan
Packaging Contents: Hair and body shampoo

GITA is a groundbreaking item that packs whole body shampoo that can be washed from head to body into a pocket size. Whether you’re playing sports, traveling or traveling, all you need to do is throw one GITA into your bag. The product concept is “this one, anywhere”. The logo was created in a thick sans-serif style with the image of “a reliable travel companion.” The package is made of transparent vinyl and printed in white so as not to insist on the package too much. By arranging icons and the like, we created a gadget that reminds us of functionality. Neutral design that suits anyone, anytime, anywhere. Designed for men and women, regardless of location. In any scene, the background is transparent and transparent, and it blends into the scene, so it’s beautiful. We propose a completely new style of shower time for a modern lifestyle that is becoming lighter.