Design: Getbrand
Location: Russia
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Russia

A task
The trend towards a healthy lifestyle is only gaining momentum, the dietary habits of consumers are changing and they are increasingly interested in healthy products.

And if you eat porridge for breakfast and soup for lunch and it became a habit, then there is a temptation to eat whatever comes to hand between meals.

Brand «Prostie privichki» solves this problem by offering a healthy snack -vegetable crisps, which are perfect both as an independent delicacy and as an addition to dinner.

We were commissioned to design the packaging and logo for a new product.

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It is important for the target audience to see the product and detailed information about the composition of the product, paying attention to the calorie content, naturalness and other important indicators. At the same time, the small print in the description increases distrust of the quality of the product.

We had to provide consumers with all the important information for them without overloading the packaging and highlight the product on the shelf, conveying a sense of lightness and cheerfulness through the design.

A simple but effective solution was required.

The lid and logo in the trendy Tiffany color became the accent color decision. The colorful stripes emphasized the flavors and added a cheerful and positive mood to the packaging. We decided to additionally beat the tastes and the name, assigning each its own number. 4 flavors mean 4 good habits.

Thanks to the claims “gluten-free” and “vegetarian-friendly”, consumers can quickly decide on a purchase. Eat right, with «Prostie privichki» – it’s easy.